Gods and Conquerors by Aaron Kane Heinemann

This book was such a treat, it was a thinker, can’t go wrong with a good thinker. I’m not a huge science fiction fan but this book just had me wondering about the universe in ways I’ve never thought about it before. The secrets, the stories, the planet, the gods and the conquerors all just came together to create a mind blowing book.


The descriptions of the planet were just wonderful to read, the images in my head feel like I’ve just watched the film because the descriptions are that vivid; the colours, the smell, the heat, the sand stuck in my throat, Heinemann made me believe I lived it too.

The characters, the conquerors, all had very different personalities and backgrounds but they complimented each other profoundly. Throughout the book Heinemann would delve back in time so the reader can discover that little bit more about each character, the structure of which he did this gave the book more suspense because of what secrets would be discovered.

That ending… like waaaaa?! Mind blowing.


Yassss love me a good character death!

Is there going to be another book I need to know what Earth is like when they return, if they return?!?!

4.8 Stars

Read – 05/04/18 – 29/04/18


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